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Monday, May 30, 2005

Very Helpful Tax Info for Servicemembers

From the TaxProf Blog


I am recycling this post for Memorial Day as it seems appropriate.

At this time of year I feel compelled to remember some of my comrades that are no longer with us.

The first close friend I lost in the Teams was HM1 Brad Tucker who died while conducting a K-duck in 2000. A K-duck is a way to drop an inflatable boat from beneath a Blackhawk helicopter onto a body of water. Brad and I went to BUD/S, 18D (Special Forces Medical Sergeant Course), and follow on training on the East Coast. He was also very close to my wife as we all shared this time together. Brad was an ebullient man, who put a smile on every face when he walked into a room. The K-duck was dropped at night at an altitude of 160 feet over the waters off the coast of the Bahamas which is obviously way too high. Brad, ever the aggressive frogman, followed the duck soon after it was suddenly released and fell to his death.

BM1 Neil Roberts was the LPO (Leading Petty Officer) of Brad’s and my BUD/S class. He fell out of a helicopter as the pilot attempted to avoid enemy fire in the mountains of Afghanistan. The helo pilot flew away not knowing that Neil had fallen, and landed a km away once Neil’s teammates had informed him what had happened. Neil’s boat crew and several Rangers regrouped and went back in under heavy fire to retrieve Neil’s body. Predator drones in the area recorded a critically injured Roberts fighting all the way up until he was captured and executed by AQ/Taliban forces. After a pitched battle which claimed the lives of at least four Rangers, Neil was recovered and dozens of enemy were killed. Neil’s boat crew leader was awarded the Navy Cross for his actions that day, and there has STILL never been a Navy SEAL left behind in combat … dead or alive. Greyhawk had this link to an eyewitness account of the actions occurring at Robert's Ridge (Takur Gar)

HMC Matthew Bourgeois died in Afghanistan as a result of a land mine probably left by the Soviets decades earlier. He was a good ole boy from waaaaaaay down South, and his accent might as well have been Mongolian if I didn’t know he was a proud southerner. I met him at SEAL Team ONE, and he was just a fantastic person in every way. His death may not have been a glorious as some of my other deceased comrades, but that did not diminish his sacrifice in any way. The story related by Dave Rogers (Congressional Candidate from RI) is classic Matt, and gives some insight into a man of extraordinary dedication to his brothers in arms and the Teams.

BM1 Brian Oullette was all Boston, all the time. It is a shame that he didn’t get the chance to witness the Red Sox break the curse this year. Brian was in my first platoon at SEAL Team FOUR, and we had something of a rivalry going. Before the Patriots were any good, we had a $50 bet on the outcome of the Raiders-Pats game. The Raiders won that time and Brian had to pay up so he went into the bank and came back with a sack of $50 worth of pennies. I was a little miffed at the time, but Brian was so competitive and spiteful that his beloved Patriots had lost that he had to make his statement. Brian was killed by a land mine in Afghanistan on Memorial Day this year while out on patrol in Afghanistan.

There are many other Teamguys that have given their all for our country and for their platoons in the vaunted history of the Teams. Unfortunately there will likely be more. I encourage my readers to contemplate these sacrifices and thousands of others in the US military as the Christmas season approaches, and say a prayer for those who remain. Until you have spent Christmas in some third world $hithole, you will never know the loneliness and longing of the American fighting man.

Take some time today to reflect on the people in your life that have sacrificed for you and I. That might be a fallen hero or a veteran that lives nearby. Thank them. Show them your support.

I attended a ceremony on Saturday marking the opening of a Veteran's Historial Plaza in my community with my mother (Navy) and father (Air Force). Even though the ceremony was really not much more than a place for local politicians to show their mugs, I cannot tell you how proud I felt to stand with my mother and father as veterans while we were recognized by the assembled crowd. When the bagpiper played "Amazing Grace" while the colors were on parade, I cried quietly to myself thinking of the men I wrote about here. That is why we have Memorial Day; so we can take a moment to remember fallen comrades... and perhaps cry a little.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Sham Trial Ends in Acquittal for SEAL Officer

CIA scapegoat and Navy SEAL Lt. Andrew Ledford can now move on with his career in the Teams after a military jury deliberated for three hours before delivering the not guilty verdict. The charge: punching a terrorist bomber who was subsequently killed by the CIA during their interrogation. The prosecution NEVER even attempted to link the death of Manadel al Jamadi to Lt. Ledford and was simply engaging in a political show trial designed to quell a furor raised by the Abu Ghraib scandal and photos of the SEAL Platoon taken in the immediate aftermath of Jamadi’s capture. The Navy JAG and the NCIS were seeking to put a SEAL officer in military prison for 11 years for punching a scumbag terrorist. That this trial ever occurred is a monumental failure of Navy leadership. No military jury would ever convict a SEAL officer of felony assault for punching a terrorist especially when the prosecution offered absolutely no evidence to support the charge. This officer is out probably thousands of dollars in legal fees so that some high ranking officers could tell members of the Congressional Armed Services Committees that they were “doing something.”

Has anyone in the CIA or the US Army been charged in the death of Jamadi? That would be NO. It was established during this trial that Jamadi was walking and in fact struggling with his captors when he was turned over to the CIA at the Army managed detention facility. 30 minutes later he was dead in the shower room. There is a fascinating audio report on the trial submitted last week by NPR. The account of the capture (ostensibly given at trial) by one of the platoon members and a friend of mine described a desperate struggle with the 6 foot 3 Jamadi. Taco said that he wrestled with Jamadi in his kitchen and had to pin him to the floor with the stove to gain control of the man. He was describing a fight for his life in a bad neighborhood, late at night. This platoon put themselves at risk to capture Jamadi knowing that his intelligence value was worth the risk. But unfortunately for them the CIA killed him 30 minutes into the interrogation and the SEAL Platoon got blamed for it. If they wanted to kill Jamadi, they could have shot him under the ROEs, and looking back on it, I’m willing to bet that they wish that they had.

While it is a good thing that people like Lt. Ledford and Lt. Pantano have been acquitted of their trumped up charges, it is irresponsible to have charged them both in the first place. Do you want to increase retention in the SEAL Teams? Don’t charge people for risking their lives. Do you want to see more Marines wounded and killed? Don’t cause Marines to second guess themselves in combat. While these show trials may alleviate pressure on the brass and the administration, they will have a chilling effect on troops in the field. Real leaders don’t let their subordinates twist in the wind.



Friday, May 27, 2005

Just Shut Your Cakehole Friedman

What I wouldn’t give to receive unsolicited advice from Thomas Friedman every week in the NY Times. But I guess that particular privilege is reserved for Republican Presidents so I’ll never receive the honor. You see Mssr. Friedman wishes for the President to..
“Shut it down. Just shut it down. I am talking about the war-on-terrorism P.O.W. camp at Guantánamo Bay. Just shut it down and then plow it under. It has become worse than an embarrassment. I am convinced that more Americans are dying and will die if we keep the Gitmo prison open than if we shut it down. So, please, Mr. President, just shut it down.”
OK Tom. Sure thing buddy. We’ll just “shut it down” and all of our problems will just melt away. Implicit in the request to “shut it down” is a promise on behalf of the NYT and the rest of the US and foreign media to go easy on the President and the US military if he agrees to do so. Well, maybe not.

You see Mssr. Friedman is very concerned about the negative publicity that the US receives as a result of a series of exposés in the foreign press which is...
“inflaming sentiments against the U.S. all over the world and providing recruitment energy on the Internet for those who would do us ill.”
Ah ha. So all we have to do is shut down Gitmo, and the “recruitment energy” of the jihadis will taper off to a more manageable level? Just in case, we should probably forget about UBL, leave Afghanistan and Iraq post haste, and turn our backs on Israel. I mean, why dick around? If we are going to fold up our tents and “plow it under”, let’s go all the way. After all, who doesn’t believe that hard core Al Qaeda operatives can be rehabilitated? They are simply misunderstood victims of the satanic hegemon whose existence near their homeland is a humiliation. They would otherwise be productive world citizens if it wasn’t for US foreign policy. They just want to be left alone so they can focus their energy on mutilating their female relative's genitalia and “honor killing” them when they are raped.

According to Mssr. Friedman, 100 detainees have died in US custody which is a clear indication that “the whole U.S. military prison system dealing with terrorism is out of control.” Of course, of the US prisoners that have come into contact with AQ, 100% of those that were not rescued or escaped were brutally executed on video for worldwide distribution.

Let me tell you something Mssr. Friedman, it is you and your compatriots who are doing the inciting in this conflict. The US military and the administration are trying to fight this war with tenacity and honor, and you and your fellow Lilliputians will stop at nothing to hold them down. People of fairness and decency understand that when fighting a ruthless enemy, we need to be firm and resolute which is exactly what we have been. While you are abroad sniping at the very people who ensure your safety, why don’t you take a few moments this weekend to ponder the sacrifices of those who died so that you can run your mouth.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

McCain Linked to Darth Vader

I caught Senator McCain (a truly great American, who happens to be really screwing up vis-à-vis his politics) on Scarborough Country last night; he almost had me feeling bad for putting the boots to him, until he said this:

“…we are very grateful for Bill Frist’s leadership and his efforts, and he couldn’t quite carry it off…” (video)

A question Senator, why do you think he couldn’t carry it off?

At the risk of being accosted by a talking miniature rottweiler, I point you to an interesting post comparing John McCain to Darth Vader. For the record, I don’t go in for all the Sith lightning nonsense (keep that dog away from me), but some thoughtful parallels nonetheless.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Jerry Springer Live From US Senate

First the Byrd-man and now this from Voinovich; he sounds like a woman scorned, acts like it too.

(H/T: Radio Blogger)

McCain Saves Senate

While it did not happen quite the way I thought it would (I guess I gave him too much credit), McCain did ride in on his white horse, at the last hour, to save the day; but who will save tomorrow, and the day after that?

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Playing nice with the Democrats and expecting them to reciprocate is insane. They have shown, at every turn, to be completely devoid of any morals or ethics; they cannot be trusted. At the beginning of his first term, President Bush kept his campaign promise to reach across the aisle. He withdrew a bloody stump; Teddy Kennedy has the blood stained tie hanging in his office next to Mary Jo’s knickers.

This “agreement” is ridiculous. The wording is such that the Dems can and will continue to filibuster at the drop of a hat. Remember, the operative clause of the agreement, for the democrats, is that the President should, “…consult with members of the Senate, both Democratic and Republican, prior to submitting a judicial nomination to the Senate for consideration.” So now, we have the President of the United States asking the minority party whom he may and may not nominate to the federal bench (Roll Call today has Senator Schumer WARNING the President to do just that).

Many are saying that if they let Owen, Brown and Pryor through, then they will have to let the others, as those three will set the standard. Silly grasshopper, are you still so ignorant to the ways of the Democrats? These people are scum. Are you going to let a three-time child molester baby-sit your children? What if he signs an agreement, with an out clause in case of misbehavior, stating that he will not do it again? Well, if you believe this agreement is a good thing, than you are too naive to have children.

As far as launching missiles when the Dems inevitably go back to their old ways, does anyone really think that these seven have the spine to stand up? McCain probably does, he demonstrated his long ago in Vietnam (and continues to do so when it will further his career), but the others are too afraid. Think about it, if ever there was a time and place to strap on a set it was with Dr. Frist on the Senate floor. These folks chose ignominy. When the time comes to set things right, they will claim false honor and say that they must stand by their word.

As for the motives behind the wholesale sellout of the Republican leadership, I believe there are many. The most easily understood is, perhaps, McCain. He wants to be the man. If nothing else, the MSM’s love of this guy should be enough reason not to touch him with a 10 ½ foot pole. It is no coincidence that he was making out with Matthews on Hardball Monday night, and it is no coincidence that he is blowing on about this baseball thing right now.

Chaffee, Snowe, and Collins may be slightly more complex, but they were weak in the beginning and this is no surprise, since they come from largely democratic states and 2006 is looming (Snowe and Chaffee).

Harder to figure are Warner, DeWine and Graham. Maybe they think they did the right thing (in which case they are too stupid to be in the Senate). Maybe they are cowards and afraid of the big mean Democrats. Maybe they just believe that McCain is the future of the Republican Party (God save us) and they want to be in position when that happens, after all Lucifer did take a third of heaven with him.

Oh, let us add Voinovich to the list of the scorned. As Bolton is likely next on the confirmation list this should interesting to see if Voinovich somehow got Bolton on the chopping block as some secret pact in this unholy “agreement.”

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Making Deals With the Devil

This bandwagon beckons me; I will jump on with both feet - this deal stinks. What the less-than-magnificent seven (Mike DeWine of Ohio, Susan Collins of Maine, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Lincoln Chaffee of Rhode Island, John McCain of Arizona, John W. Warner of Virginia and Olympia J. Snowe of Maine) have done is unforgivable.

From a practical standpoint, this is a net loss. Why? Because the agreement depends on the good will of the Democrats, there is nothing stopping them from any judicial filibuster, at any point in the future, except their own consciences, get it? If anyone was having trouble putting this deal in perspective, Nancy Keenan (NARAL’s president) just did them a favor; she had this to say in today’s Washington Times:

"[we are] heartened that the crisis has been averted and the right to filibuster preserved for upcoming Supreme Court nominations. We are confident that a Supreme Court nominee who won't even state a position on Roe v. Wade is the kind of 'extraordinary circumstance' this deal envisions."
(Hat tip: Confirm Them)

With the filibustering of judicial nominees, the Democrats stole territory from the President, the Senate and the American people. On the eve of the battle to regain the stolen territory, these seven Senators deserted, brokered a deal with the enemy, and then participated in ambushing their own troops. They left Dr. Frist standing in the cold. They should be counted as dead to the Republican Party. The most galling statement from the MOU (text available from Captains Quarters):

“We encourage the Executive branch of government to consult with members of the Senate, both Democratic and Republican, prior to submitting a judicial nomination to the Senate for consideration.”

In what I am sure was total coincidence, McCain went on Hardball last night. Matthews, predictably, ran a big fluff job on him, everything from Vietnam, where he showed himself to be an honest to goodness American hero, to this recent treachery, where he showed himself to be an honest to goodness American homo, (no offense to the homosexuals). In what I see as the final knife into the back of Dr. Frist, McCain said this:

“And, by the way, I want to thank Dr. Frist and Senator Reid, who worked very hard on this. And our agreement was only possible because of their hard work.”

We now have our work to do - the phones (I know it gets old, but think how they feel on the other end). We should not forget what these seven have done, nor should we let them forget.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Senators, Good and Bad

Senator Frist is the man, read it here, at Confirm Them. The sellouts...I'm sure we'll talk about them in the future.

Tillman - Still A Hero

Drudge today has this link on the Pat Tillman story; the lefty blogs are all aflutter. Piggybacking on the emotions of two grieving parents are those for whom discrediting the administration and our military is a full time avocation.

The Tillman family has a right to be bitter, Pat’s death should never have been publicized the way it was. At best, it was an example of how those with a fervent desire to show the military in a good light (in stark contrast with what we are seeing from the MSM today) jumped to conclusions before learning all the facts. At worst, it was a cover up, used for political purposes.

If the military has handled Tillman’s death badly, then some from on the left have done infinitely worse. From the beginning, they demeaned him as a dupe, a mindless fool, and those same people are now calling him a “false hero” and a pawn of the administration. I can only speak for myself, but to me he seems like the real thing.


1 a : a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability b : an illustrious warrior c : a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities d : one that shows great courage

We have all heard how Pat Tillman left the life of pro football behind, choosing instead a life of hardship and service. He sacrificed fame and fortune for the austerity of life as a Ranger, where he could serve his country and develop bonds that cannot be forged anywhere but under arms. In doing so, he demonstrated nobility and great courage.

Do the circumstances of his death somehow take away from his character? Hardly, Pat Tillman was not a child; he was a grown man that had already shown a level of maturity and mastery of self in other endeavors. While what happened to Pat was a tragedy of the highest order, it demonstrates the harshest reality of war. War is chaotic, horrible things happen. Which is why, with so many other options, Pat’s rogering-up to the call, was nothing short of heroic.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Total Dork-O-Rama

Go to the bathroom before watching this. Via Jeff @ Beautiful Atrocities

Has-Been-Despot Seeks Special Friend For Photo Swap

When I first saw the photos of Saddam in his skivvies, I almost wept for the poor bastard. Have they no concern for a man’s pride? Now it is one thing to be photographed in an orange jumpsuit, handcuffed and headless, in a pool of your own blood, while a horde of masked maniacs stand around you singing the Islamic version of “Kumbaya”, but this underwear thing went beyond the pale.

These photos bring up some disturbing questions. First, why is he so plump? It seems to me that we are spending too many taxpayer dollars feeding him. I say give him a Pepsi a day (Pepsi – the official diet of Saddam) and call it good. Second, where are all the scars and bruises from the well deserved daily lumpin’-ups? Third, why is this scumbag still alive? From what I understand, the CMFL (Cambodian Midget Fighting League, for those not in the know) is seriously in need of some backup.

Now, having said that, here is what we need to do:

Spend very few of our taxpayer dollars finding out who took the photos. Once we identify this voyeuristic shutterbug, we should take away his camera, punch him in the mouth - hard (for causing us all of this trouble) and get him into some serious counseling. If he is turned on by taking pictures of a has-been-despot in his drawers, mug has some serious psychological issues.

Take over the Sun for a few weeks. Publish some fiercely anti-Islamic propaganda, and then publish the editor’s home address, with a direct and formal challenge, “You and your sissy god come and get me, if you think allah is man enough!” I imagine that the folks over at The Sun will begin to "get it" relatively quickly. The moral of this story - don’t kick a brother while he is down, especially if that brother is the only reason your grandkids are not speaking German and your wife is not wearing a burkah.

Lastly, we need quit all this snot bubbling over the Geneva Convention. We should appoint a panel of former American POW’s to put together a report, detailing exactly what the Geneva Convention has done for us. My guess is that we will find that it gives the lefty journalists something to complain about, while offering no protection for our troops. Little wonder, as we are the only ones who attempt to follow it.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Froggy's Goin' Back to Vegas

I will be attending the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) Annual Spring Convention from Sunday to Wednesday at the Las Vegas Convention Center. If anyone else by any chance is going to attend, send me an email.

Check this out too. I received it through the milblog ring so it should be legit.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Who's the King of the Jungle, Bitch?

That's WHO Via PW

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Why the Left Doesn't Get It

Newsweek’s shame further highlights how the left does not get it. They and their most vocal mouthpiece, the MSM, come down on the wrong side of nearly every issue, of nearly every battle, of nearly every conflict. In this latest treachery, their rabid desire to bring discredit upon our military, our President and our Nation, has not only brought them to journalistic pinnacles previously unknown to any but the supermarket tabloids, but has directly resulted in the deaths of real people, real people who were nothing but pawns in the left’s war against truth, justice and the American way.

This attack had nothing to do with Newsweek’s deeply spiritual reverence for the Koran, nor for their love of humanity; does one yell “fire” in a crowded theater for love of the patrons? Indeed, these actions were done with total disregard for anything that might stand in the way of their war against America, a kind of journalistic suicide bomb.

Interesting to watch, has been the almost instantaneous change in tone from the lefties. Within a matter of days, we went from hearing how devastating these protests were, to how inconsequential they were. Why do we not see the MSM ferreting out every little detail of this story in a heroic effort to bring to light the corruption and misdeeds of the people and organizations involved in this scandal?

In significant contrast to the media’s dismissal of this event, is their hyper-criticality of the U.S. Military. Over the last few years, we have gone through countless news cycles with the MSM doing backloops through its collective grommet to find some kind of dirt on American troops and often, in the process, becoming willing dupes of our enemies’ propaganda efforts. If they happen to catch it on film they will demonize the most junior soldier for using justifiable force against the terrorists trying to kill him, only playing enough footage so as to shed the worst light possible.

What did our troops do to the left and the MSM to deserve this treatment? Was it putting aside their families and careers in order to serve something larger than themselves? Was it cheering when the President of the United States declared unequivocally that terrorist were no longer going to murder Americans with impunity? Was it for having the spine to stand up for noble purposes like maintaining the security of our Nation and securing freedom for the oppressed? It was all of these things.

You see, the left does not get it, or more accurately refuses to get it, because doing so would upset their very worldview. The same world view which justifies their every action, and give license to their every foolish desire. They abhor responsibility, so they invent new freedoms to free them of such. When unpleasantries crop up, they mow them down with denial. When their views encounter opposition, grounded in truth so simple as to be sublime, they spin another lie, and proclaim it with such zealotry that it becomes contagious. Nothing and no one can stand in the way of their denial of reality.

In order to confront evil in the world, one must first to acknowledge its existence; however, without the will to fight it, the acknowledgement of evil is a horrific thing. Lies made up to shield one from such horror are quite powerful. I imaging that finding yourself in a third world hotel room, handcuffed to a radiator, realizing, as you see the pool forming around you, that you are about to bleed out, would be enough proof of evil in the world to justify an acknowledgement, but by then it would probably be too late.

The left does not get it because if frightens them.

Timing is Everything

Check the dates on this simpering article penned by none other than Presidential candidate and advocate for the new US Department of Peace, Dennis Kucinich and some other fool that must not realize that he is risking guilt by association. Dennis has determined that a) Iraq is a quagmire; b) a recruiting poster for Osama bin Laden and c) hindering efforts to create a united global front against al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. Forgive me, but haven’t I heard this somewhere before? Like maybe during the Democratic Primaries in early 2004, and didn’t the people who rolled out this garbage get their a$$es handed to them in November of that year?

But in the first iteration of this silly meme, there were still some uncertainties as to whether things were going to work out in Iraq. Is there any question now that this defeatist and demonstrably false assessment has been utterly disproved by events?

Since the November US elections the Iraqi people voted in a government in defiance of the terrorists, and its members have arranged the offices in a manner that bespeaks their commitment to a cooperative approach between factions as opposed to fostering sectarian strife. Not to mention the fact that the US military has been literally annihilating anti-government terrorists wholesale the entire time, and has recently taken control of the main foreign fighter’s infiltration routes. I have said it before and I will say it again; Iraq is a perfect place for our forces to slaughter islamofascist thugs before they turn their attention to the US Homeland. It is very convenient for them to travel only a short distance from home to be sent to Hell, than to make the long journey across the sea where their fortunes might be brighter.

I’d say that by all accounts, Al Qaeda is a headless and uncoordinated organization that has been resting on its laurels for some time now. The Pakis are now openly saying that they know where UBL is but they need to “drive him” west to Afghanistan and the waiting arms of US troops. They say that it is politically unacceptable to arrest UBL in Pakistan and even more so thanks to CBS and Newsweek.

Clearly liberals don’t “get it”. I wonder what it will take for them to understand. I have a feeling that Scott knows…

Monday, May 16, 2005

It’s All Fun and Games Until the Delicate Relationship Between the US and the Muslim World is Shattered by an MSM Hit Piece

First let me ask one question. Who thinks that this MSM blowback will have any appreciable effect on the irresponsible behavior of the liberal media? Yeah, me neither. That said, it seems as if the MSM in the US is in the midst of some kind of internal Fear Factor episode to see who is going to take attacking the President and his policies to the next despicable level. I actually thought that after Dan Rather got canned for making up the Texas ANG story perhaps these people would take a step back from brink having seen their icon fall. But hey, they’re liberals and nobody’s going to tell them who they can and can’t slander. Just ask Condi Rice when she was undergoing Senate confirmation for SOS. Then Eason Jordon took it upon himself as a senior CNN official to pimp the “US troops are targeting journalists for assassination in Iraq” meme in several “safe” venues until he got caught and strung up by the blogosphere.

When 10 million people voted in Afghanistan in the midst of the Presidential season, the MSM didn’t bother to report it because sadly, there were few outbreaks of violence and Usama bin Laden lost the election. Even though President Bush beat Kerry by more than 130,000 votes in Ohio, the MSM couldn’t help but indulge the moonbats and report extensively on “irregularities” and other sinister plots to “disenfranchise” felons, poor blacks, and illegal aliens. Meanwhile, the son of a Democratic Congresswoman in Milwaukee was arrested for slashing the tires of vans rented by the RNC for voter transportation, and in a state that Kerry won by 11,000 votes, voter registration drives turned out hundreds of the deceased, felons, and animated characters all paid for with crack cocaine but you never saw that on the nightly news.

So here we are having spent billions of dollars and hundreds of lives to bring stability to a part of the world that has been at war for decades and only recently began to trust the US after hosting the terrorists who launched the most spectacular attack in our history. Michael Isikoff and John Barry decided to take a flier on a “statement” from another one of those ubiquitous unnamed sources that US interrogators were flushing pages of the Koran down the toilet to agitate prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. Clearly they were just trying to cheapshot the President with a bitchy little snippet that they probably thought only their MSM buddies would catch in an obscure section of the magazine. Hell, they probably got a few rounds of drinks out of it before the Afghan people got word but didn’t get the joke.

People are dead. US troops that have risked their lives to build relationships with these people are now considered the worst sort of blasphemers to a religion whose adherents regularly kill themselves to espouse. It even seemed that maybe we were getting close to UBL after rolling up his Ops boss in Pakistan last week. Not now. We may very well be back to square one with these people. This could be like Abu Ghraib in Iraq except that it was all made up.

I hope Newsweek is pleased with what they have wrought. There will be no criminal action; not against the MSM because they’ll scream bloody murder, invoke McCarthy, Hitler, Stalin whatever. Here’s Newsweek’s idea of contrition,
"This was reported very carefully, with great sensitivity and concern, and we'll continue to report on it," said Newsweek Managing Editor Jon Meacham. "We have tried to be transparent about exactly what happened, and we leave it to the readers to judge us."


Sunday, May 15, 2005

Prodigals On the Horizon?

Great prognistication today from Hugh Hewitt; he's spot on, but you allready knew all this, because you heard it here first (I'd better quit, before I start sounding too much like Rush Limbaugh).

"I do suspect that McCain's political operation has told him that his desertion on this issue has deeply injured his presidential prospects, and that Hagel's team is telling him of the same peril. Don't be surprised if Senator McCain comes back onboard and declares that despite all his efforts, the Democrats are beyond negotiating. In fact, don't be surprised if a lot of GOP senators thought wobbly end up voting with Frist --because it is the right thing to do, and also the only politically viable option left open. The idea that 41 Democrats get to pick the new Chief Justice after three successive GOP wins at the polls is unacceptable, and the party as a whole --not just the base, but every segment but the left margin-- will be communicating that opinion over the next few days."

I must depart from Hugh on one point though, the reason for the prodigals' return. If they come back to the base it will be solely for political expediency, not anything so noble as principle.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

This is a Disgrace

The FBI has just concluded an undercover operation that resulted in the indictment of 16 law enforcement officers, national guardsmen, prison guards, and an Army sergeant for narcotics smuggling in Arizona.
“…several of those charged met an aircraft piloted by undercover FBI agents that was carrying 132 pounds of cocaine at a remote desert airstrip, officials said. In full uniform, they supervised the loading of the cocaine into two military Humvees assigned to the National Guard and another government vehicle, and then drove to a resort hotel in Phoenix. There, another undercover agent posing as a trafficker paid them off in cash.”
Unfortunately this is a lot more common than you would think. When I was a US Customs Special Agent, I caught a case where a national guardsman was caught by canine officers attempting to smuggle 250lbs of marijuana, unconcealed, in the trunk of a car. You see the National Guard has been augmenting customs and immigration inspection operations on the southwest border since before 9/11. This guy had been working at the port for some time and was friends with many of the inspectors. He drove up to the port in the load vehicle and was recognized by his comrades who came over to say hello. Unfortunately for him, one of the comrades that stopped by was a canine officer whose dog went berserk.
“All 16 have agreed to plead guilty to being part of a bribery and extortion conspiracy…”
Do ya think? When the FBI has you on video and tape loading a Humvee with coke in uniform, chances are you will not be going to trial. Anything less than 10 years each would be a crime in itself. To violate a trust like this for a measly $220,000 split 16 ways is abominable. I hope they rot.

Friday, May 13, 2005

As the Worm Turns - Byrd Watch and Other Good Stuff

Sorry folks, nothing nearly as sexy as killin’ or teeth kickin’ today, however, we do have some things that you, as responsible Americans, need to see and hear. First, we need to thank 4H (His Holiness Hugh Hewitt), for playing the Byrdman yesterday. If you have not heard Senator Robert Byrd’s speech from the Senate floor yesterday, you can download it here (from RadioBlogger), but let me provide you with some highlights:

“… a man named Haman, H-A-M-A-N, I believe it is, here’s my bible, this is the King James Version of the Bible, I don’t read any other version of the Bible except the King James. I speak as a ‘Born Again’ Christian, we heard that, we hear that thrown around a lot around here, I’m a ‘Born Again’ Christian, have been since the year 1946. My wife and I will soon be married, Lord willing…68 years….we were boorth, both put under the water in that old churchyard pool at Crab Orchard, West Virginia…we went under the water, both Erma and I – I speak as a ‘Born Again’ Christian. You hear that term thrown around, and I’ve never made a big hoop-de-doo about being a “Born Again’ again Chis-Christian, but I speak as a ‘Born Again’ Christian. HEAR ME ALL YOU EVANGELICALS OUT THERE, HEAR ME! So here we were, we were, we uh were baptized but now getting back to Esther here…”

I can just imagine the headlines if Robert Byrd were a Republican:

“Senator Robert Byrd (R-WV) Shot By Own Troops”

“Republican Senator Declares Christianity Law of the Land”

“Senator Byrd Proclaims KJV Is Only Acceptable Version of Bible”

“Republican Byrd Proclaims Self Head of Church by Virtue of Going Under the Water in 1946”

Funny how there was not a word of it today in the MSM, not “funny ha-ha” people but “funny queer.”

On a more serous note, a great exchange with Senator Jon Kyl yesterday, also from RadioBlogger. We are getting close, we have the votes, but it sounds as if we are going to get John Bolton through the floor before we kick the obstructionists’ teeth down their throats (okay, we got some teeth kickin’ in after all).

On the Subject of UN Ambassador Nominee John Bolton, The Center for Security Policy has a great memo out on why he should be confirmed, including some previously classified information for which he has taken heat. Read the memo to Senator Voinovich.

Lastly, if you have not contacted the Republicans who are going week kneed at the sight of the fearsome Democrats, do it now, at Beyond the News. It will only take you about thirty seconds, so do it! You say you want to win the war on terror, well it starts here at home, and this is one heck of a lot better than sitting in a cramped helicopter all night or riding around in a Zodiac until you butt falls off.

For Your Amusement

* Via Big Jeff

There They Go Again

CBSNews has done it again. Anybody here surprised? I am certain that many of you were left scratching your heads after seeing a byte from a CBS interview with Judge Kenneth Starr, the independent counsel from the Clinton Whitewater investigation. Gloria Borger of CBS set the piece up by saying,

"Many conservatives consider the fight over judges their political Armageddon.

Ken Starr, identified on-screen as "Dean, Pepperdine University School of Law," sitting opposite Borger in an office setting: "This is a radical, radical departure from our history and from our traditions, and it amounts to an assault on the judicial branch of government."

Borger: "Starr, who investigated the Monica Lewinsky case against President Clinton, tells CBS News that the Republican plan to end the filibuster may be unwise."

Starr: "It may prove to have the kind of long-term boomerang effect, damage on the institution of the Senate that thoughtful Senators may come to regret."

Borger: "Still, Starr thinks all judges should be allowed a vote, even if they're Democrats."

I have to admit that when I saw that I was taken aback and confused about why a conservative like Starr would even offer his opinion on Senate rules, traditions, or practices. What does he care about it anyway? He was never a Senator; he was an appellate judge with the DC Circuit. Clearly, he would like to see the President’s judicial nominees confirmed, and even if he did have a problem with filibusters why would he, a victim of the MSM lynchmob of the 90’s, offer them a juicy quote to use in smearing his compatriots?

Look again at what he actually said. What does an “assault on the judicial branch of government” have to do with filibusters? Wouldn’t that be an assault on the legislative branch of government? Notice that Borger spoke on Starr's behalf saying that, "...the Republican plan to end filibusters may be unwise." To wit CBS edited Starr's 'reply' to say, "It may prove to have the kind of long-term boomerang effect, damage on the institution of the Senate that thoughtful Senators may come to regret." This seems to indicate a disagreement with the concept of ending filibusters for judicial nominees. But does it? Borger then again offers Starr a caveat that he didn't need or ask for, "Still, Starr thinks all judges should be allowed a vote, even if they're Democrats."

Apparently Ramesh Ponnuru of National Review called him up and asked him what was going on. Judge Starr forwarded an email to Ponnuru that he had already written to another perplexed conservative and offered the following explanation.

The 'radical departure' snippet was specifically addressed -- although this is not evidenced whatever from the clip -- to the practice of invoking judicial philosopy as a grounds for voting against a qualified nominee of integrity and experience.
Well now. That makes a little bit more sense doesn’t it? Filibustering judicial nominees because of their judicial philosophy IS an assault on the judicial branch of government, and that sentiment jibes nicely with Judge Starr’s own philosophy.

Of course this means that CBS has blatantly and with malice used Starr’s quote out of context in order to further the leftist point of view that drives their news operation…again. This ought to help out their ratings.

Hat tip: Laura Ingraham

Thursday, May 12, 2005

The LBPD Shows the LASO How to Put a Fool Down

In stark contrast to the Polish Firing Squad demonstration put on by LA County Sheriff’s Deputies, the Long Beach Police Department hunted down and killed a very deserving scumbag yesterday. Racing through the streets of LA nearly killing several pedestrians and pulling not one but two pistols on police officers, Angel Michael Gavon earned his wings in a Long Beach parking lot.

The video footage clearly shows fallen Angel exiting his silver sedan with a pistol in hand. It appears that he took a round just as he was running around the front of his car knocking him to the ground and the pistol from his grasp. Facing down several LBPD officers, Gavon essentially committed suicide by reaching into his pocket to retrieve a second pistol.

This is where the LBPD gave the LASO a clinic on threat management. These officers stayed on line, fired, and confined their rounds to the suspect’s torso, head, and perhaps a few parked cars. From what can be seen on the video, these officers were clearly threatened with deadly force and heroically placed themselves between the suspect and the public behind them. Importantly, they did not allow Gavon the chance to put some stray rounds into an officer or into the street by quickly dispatching him. This also prevented a potentially more dangerous scenario with an armed suspect entering a retail shopping center and perhaps taking hostages or shooting innocent civilians.

There are few details out about Gavon at this point except that he was driving a car stolen during a home invasion robbery, and one of the other occupants of the vehicle who was later apprehended was the suspect in a murder case. Chances are Angel was no angel, and he’s probably backstroking in the lake of fire right now. Good riddance dirtbag.

Hooyah LBPD!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Come On Harry, We Both Know Who the Loser Is

It must take a great deal of restraint to be President. Case in point, the Senior Pinhead from Nevada (or is it Distinguished Pinhead?). You see, if Harry Reid called me a loser, then while apologizing, said he wasn’t really sorry, I would have a great deal of difficulty not responding in kind. I imagine my response would sound something like this:

Dear Senator Pinhead,

Allow me to retort. During the mid-term elections of my first term as President of the United States, I led my party to a majority in the Senate, not bad for a loser. Two years later, while handily winning re-election, I again led my party (the Republicans) to a larger majority in both houses, again not bad for a loser. You may recall that it was during this last election cycle that your former boss, Loser Daschle, lost his job (that was how you got yours).

I heard all your snot-bubbling last year at this time, …I did not have a plan to win the war in Iraq, I did not have a plan to keep America safe, and I did not have a plan to beat a bunch of losers in the election; all done Harry. We are winning the war in Iraq. If you have not noticed, America has not been attacked in almost four years (much to your chagrin), and in case you have forgotten, my side won the last election. I have seen your plan in action Harry, over the years it has gotten thousands of American killed, many more hurt and I am now cleaning up the mess. The only thing I do not yet have a plan for is how to win the war on idiots, but you are giving me some new ideas.

While we are on the subject of losers and losing, you need to shut down this dog blowin’ contest you’re running in the Senate. Now I know that the judges I’ve nominated are probably not much to your liking; after all, they can’t seem to find child pornography, the murderin’ of babies, or men marryin’ other men in the constitution. But think about it Harry, if the people of America wanted these things, they would have voted for more of your folks.

In closing, I would just like to say that it is my sincere hope that we can maintain a polite and civil level of discourse, but if you ever again take to slandering a sitting President embarked on an international trip, I will have Laura fly out there and kick your pretty little teeth in.

All the Best,
W (stands for winner)

Monday, May 09, 2005

Polish Firing Squad

Last night in the upscale (not!) neighborhood of Compton in the tony south central portion of Los Angeles, a very lucky man avoided what should have been his last night on this big blue orb. Apparently the driver of the SUV in this video fired some shots at somebody and was then engaged in a high speed pursuit at 0300 this morning. At the conclusion of the chase, at least four LA County Sheriff's Deputies commence what amounted to a "mad minute" on the occupant(s) of the SUV. If you watch the vid, you will notice that the SUV moves slowly forward while it is under fire. Deputies are positioned at angles in front of the SUV on either side of the street and do not seem to be concerned about obtaining a covered firing position. When the SUV moves ahead, those angles are steepened to 90 deg. Essentially creating the Polish firing squad scenario.

Of course the Polish firing squad in its perfect form is a circle of shooters surrounding the intended target. I witnessed a Polish firing squad at my own family ranch when I was a small child. My father had invited(?) a group of men over to help him slaughter a pig, and one of the men brought a .45 caliber 1911 pistol to put the animal down. Being the very young boy that I was, I wasn't allowed near the festivities, but I hunkered down behind a rock and watched the spectacle unfold. At that point in my life, I had never seen a gun "in person" let alone saw one being shot. I instinctively knew that what I was watching was wrong and very dangerous, but I didn't really know why until much later. The men took turns plinking away at the pig who wasn't cooperating by moving around. I don't know how many shots it took to put him away, but it was more than five. In fact I think that at some point in the "process" somebody else realized that this wasn't a smart plan and walked up to the pig and made a contact shot to the head.

This gentleman in Compton must have had 4 Deputies empty their magazines in his general direction, and he only came away with minor injuries. One Deputy was also wounded from what will almost certainly turn out to be friendly fire. The most interesting connection that I draw from these two stories is the fact that in both cases, people who are not smart enough to avoid a Polish firing squad are also lousy shooters. Imagine that.

UPDATE: One Hundred and Fifteen Rounds. That is the number of rounds that were shot by Deputies in this incident that DID NOT hit the suspect. The LA Times is reporting that no less than 10 Deputies nearly emptied their magazines into a Compton neighborhood yesterday. The aftermath of this abortion was apartment buildings and homes pockmarked with bullet holes, and the luck that only stupid people have prevented any innocent victims from being shot. This is a neighborhood used to drive by shootings, and the rate of bystanders being shot is quite high.

I am a former LEO, and I appreciate the difficulties and challenges faced by the police, but this episode is a disgrace. The suspect in the SUV was UNARMED. The Deputy that began this shooting triggered a chain reaction of sympathetic firing amongst his fellow Deputies. If you watch the vid, you will notice that the Deputies are totally unconcerned about incoming fire from the suspect; had they been threatened, believe me, they would have been behind cover. The high rate of fire initiated what can only be described as a race to the bottom of the magazine for these Deputies. This shooting should result in a total revamping of tactics for the LASO at a minimum. Since nobody died, I think the LASO will be able to cover things up enough to save everybody's job. The LASO arrested the driver of the SUV for felony assault for "ramming" a squad car while dodging 115 bullets. I'm pretty sure that charge is going nowhere, and he will be getting a large check from the people of LA County... he deserves it.

She'll Huff and She'll Huff and She'll Blow Her House Down

I cannot resist. Ariana’s big show is up for all to see; and while seeing is believing, I will, with your permission, save you the pain. The first four posts on the blog side tell it all.

To kick it off, Larry David has an imaginative hit piece on John Bolton, that reads more like a skit from Saturday Night Live.

In the most enlightening post on the sight, Walter Cronkite threatens to write a post urging the Democrats to come up with a platform - now that sounds downright dangerous.

Senator Jon Corzine offers up this predictably one sided piece, conveniently leaving out some important details, on why the evil Republicans won’t help him defeat terrorism and genocide in one fell swoop.

My personal favorite was Ariana herself, lecturing all on the evils of Tom Delay - and what Jesus would do.

As for the rest of the articles, I could not really figure out where they were going. I knew, intuitively, that they were provocative, scintillating, intellectually stimulating and oh so edgy, however, I have a family and a mortgage; I guess I am too serious, a grown up.

I do not think we have much to be excited about, or for that matter worried about, here. The best antidote for the lefties is to let them talk. Every time they open their snot bubblers, the public at large has another opportunity to see them for what and who they are. Let them huff and puff and blow themselves down.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Call Your Mother

Do it now.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Seriously, This Crap Has Got to Stop

In a world where kids are suspended from school for bringing scissors to art class or taking a Tylenol for a headache, and then given a ride to the abortion clinic without their parent’s knowledge sometimes you gotta say wait a F*cking minute. Are you people completely devoid of any common sense and utterly lacking in judgment or discretion? Or dare I say sensitivity? Not the kind of sensitivity that instructs idiots to allow cross dressing trannies to pick a bathroom based on their wardrobe choice that day. I’m talking about actual human compassion that manifests itself by taking a genuine interest in the travails of another, and doing what is in your limited power to alleviate their pain.

This story out of Georgia is so beyond the pale that I am tempted to fly out there and choke somebody out, but since I’m busy I’ll just humiliate them with extreme prejudice on my blog. This idiot is the principal of the school that forced a kid to hang up the phone while talking to his mother during lunch at school. By the way, his mother is deployed to Iraq, and he only talks to her once a month. If your blood is not boiling right now, then you must be a DUmmie or a Kos kid. If this wasn’t bad enough, the kid became upset and made a scene as a result of a teacher hanging up on his mother. I would have freaked out if this happened to me at school when I was 16. True to form for mindless bureaucrats and NEA drones, the kid was suspended for the REST OF THE YEAR for his trouble. Let me tell you something, my heart is pounding as I write this out of rage and disgust. Your’s too? Good.

The link to the principal has her email on the page. Use it. Express yourself. Let your frustrations out. Unburden yourselves. When you’re done try this page where you will find the members of the school board and their emails. Don’t flame these people. Implore them to reconsider punching this kid out. Ask them to apologize to HIM and his mother. And maybe if you’re feeling froggy, get them to do a welcome home assembly for this kid’s mom. But be nice. These people have the juice to help this kid, and besides they didn’t expel him.

Columbus Georgia is the home of Ft. Benning which is where Ranger School, Airborne School, and US Customs SRT School are located amongst others. The Army families living there have been giving their all for our country for quite some time now and they don’t get nearly the recognition they deserve. When I was last there for SRT School, we did mock assaults on family housing projects on base and apartment complexes nearby that house the families of many of our soldiers. Let me tell you something, these families are NOT living large. They are scraping by and I don’t hear them bitching about it either. The last thing they deserve is some slob of a principal and her NEA minions throwing down the “zero tolerance” card on some kid trying to talk to his deployed mother. I don’t know this kid, he may be a turd himself, but in that moment, nobody deserves to be treated in that way. The expulsion is nothing more than stubborn pride not allowing a bunch of self appointed experts to admit that THEY WERE WRONG. They need someone else to force them to make things right. That’s where we come in. You have your orders. Execute them (the orders, not the pinheads).

Hat tip: Karl & Rachel B

McCain Watch

Wow, McCain is good; he does lefty better than the lefties, and has the Boston Herald sucking it right up. Speaking of Kerry’s future Presidential ambitions, McCain says, ``I'd advise him to be the best senator he could be and put those ambitions aside for a while.’’ Friend, this is PhD level projectionism. Now I enjoy some rhetorical teeth kicking as much as the next guy, ``I also don't think Kerry ran a very good race . . . At the Democratic convention, I can't tell you anything they did besides say, `Reporting for duty,' '' however, these are smarmy tactics.

In the article, McCain announces his own desire for the Presidency, “McCain said he ‘absolutely’ wants to be president himself but will focus on the Senate,” as in how it will get him to the White House. John McCain is the slipperiest cat of them all.

Every time McCain opposes the administration, he is lauded by the Democrats and the MSM as a maverick, a real stand-up guy. After he has received enough accolades and cemented his ties with the left, he comes back to the team, riding a white horse, just in time for the big win - a real American hero. We, on the right, then fall all over ourselves, “We knew he had it in ‘em all along.”


I just returned from a six-hour lunch with two former SEAL Teammates; I have a new perspective.

John McCain will lie, cheat and steal to get what he wants. It would not surprise me if his opposition to the filibuster is just an opportunity to garner favor with the opposition before returning to the base in time for a little suck-up opportunity, mark my words; watch out for this snake.


Macktastic Rusty Wicked Busts Some Fools Up

Congratulations are in order to Dr. Shackleford and the Jawa Report readers who collaborated with the FBI to nab an islamofascist terrorist. You see Rusty gets a lot of fatwa email from muslim psychos, and it is his custom to post the addresses on the site so his readers can sign said idiot up for gay porn email and the such like. Well, go to his site for the details.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Day in Review

Overall, it was quite a day for news. First comes this piece from Larry Kudlow at NRO; it would seem the Bush tax cuts are working. I cannot wait to see the MSM spin coming off this, mark my words.

From Fox News “Bush OKs Demotion of Abu Ghraib General,” I am glad to see that some of the leadership is being held accountable for lack of the same. While I do not believe that Lynndie England should simply walk from this deal, I would find it incredibly sad if the junior person (in rank and probably in intellect) implicated in the whole scandal got the most severe punishment. Whoever put her and that freak-show Graner together with prisoners, and no adult supervision, bears some watching as well.

I laughed so hard I cried when I saw “Pelosi the Retard” while crawling around the blogosphere today. Drudge today had the clever gal’s response to the question of hypocrisy.

Margaret Thatcher and Ann Coulter both weigh in on John Bolton; Ann’s piece, while more verbose, is slightly more entertaining.

Lastly, this photo at Michelle Malkin’s site, “inexpressibly sad,” said Hugh Hewitt, and I agree. If you want to know what you, from the comfort of your own home, can do to make a difference in Iraq, pray. Pray for our folks in uniform (especially toadmen) and their families, pray for the defeat of the terrorists, and most of all pray for the children who are enduring things no child should ever have to.

Clean Air, Dirty Air We Are All Going to DIE!

While I have long believed that environmental extremists suffer from mental illness, I didn’t think Schizophrenia was the diagnosis. Psychosis which is the cardinal symptom of schizophrenics is characterized by hallucinations, which are disturbances of sensory perception, and/or delusions, which are false yet strongly held personal beliefs that result from an inability to separate real from unreal experiences. Another important symptom is Paranoia which manifests itself with persecutory or conspiratorial delusions.

Which explains why environmentalist whackos can, without missing a beat, call for measures to clean the air, and when it is determined to be cleaner, complain that cleaner air exacerbates the “greenhouse effect” thus resulting in a greater global warming threat. This phenomenon that seems to afflict liberals and wild animals has always interested me. How do these creatures (not the animals) do and say the things they do with absolutely no recognition of their hypocrisy and therefore shame? The most primitive manifestations of this condition can be seen daily on Jerry Springer with some toothless, 400lb freak adorned in spandex bouncing on stage chanting, “I look good!” No. You don’t. And if you had any shame you would not be flopping your rolls all over national TV.

The highest order that these people “evolve” to be is the environmental advocate with just enough college biology to make them feel like an expert. Given a quasi-legitimate platform from which to “educate” us all, this patient can do some damage. With willing and equally clueless potential group therapy partners in the MSM more than happy to write their delusions into the “News at 11”, these psychos can reach a gullible audience and inculcate them with global conspiracies not caring that they contradict each other every other week.

This has been a public service announcement.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Why Not Filibuster?

In the latest issue of The Weekly Standard, William Kristol’s piece “Break the Filibuster,” makes some compelling arguments against the use of the filibuster to block up or down votes on judicial nominees.

As Kristol points out, when acting under Article 1 of the Constitution, the Senate has the prerogative, to make its own rules dictating how it will conduct legislative business. Also under Article 1 of the Constitution the President must approve or veto (an up-or-down vote if you will), within ten days, any bill passed to him by both houses of Congress. There is no opportunity for delay; no opportunity for endless debate, the President must take a stand for which he will be held accountable, by the voters.

When acing under Article 2, the President has the prerogative to appoint judges. The Senate’s role is not to dictate whom he appoints but to advise and consent. The filibuster, in effect, usurps the executive power to appoint judges and places it in the hands of a minority of legislators. This flagrant misuse of Senate rules erodes the “checks and balances” the Democrats are claiming to uphold.

To be agonizingly fair about the whole situation, the Democrats are, without precedent, using Senate rules to justify action contrary to the clear intent of the Constitution. The Republicans are, in response, using Senate rules and the Constitution, this time with ample precedent, to restore order.

For the most complete treatment of precedent surrounding the “Constitutional option” (aka “nuclear option”), see this article linked from Senator Frist’s website.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Wrong Will Always Be Wrong

I am just waiting to hear some pinhead advise restraint in condemning the terrorists for killing innocent women and children, and beheading hostages. After all, what if we want to do the same thing at some point in the future? Farfetched? Maybe, but I am hearing the same kind of claptrap not only from the lefties trying to seduce us into their perverted way of thinking, but also from some in our own party. After all, they say, “what if we want to filibuster judicial nominees at some point in the future?”

Well here is a news flash for you folks, wrong will always be wrong, no matter how many people are doing it. It is easy to do the right thing when it benefits you, not quite so easy when it does not, but right is still right.

As the Psalmist says in Psalm 15:

Lord, who may abide in Your tabernacle? Who may dwell in Your holy hill?…He who swears to his own hurt and does not change.

If you take issue with the use of a biblical passage in political discourse, please see one of Byrd’s best (the little ewe lamb is about 5/6 of the way down), for all you Byrd watcher’s out there, enjoy….

Monday, May 02, 2005

On Being the Grown-Up

Over the weekend, I read a superb article at National Revue Online: On Being Disliked, where Victor Davis Hanson makes the point that anti-Americanism, in fact, may be a measure of how much we are getting right.

On the micro level, I experience much the same thing as a parent; oftentimes, right and popular are mutually exclusive concepts. I have two young boys who seem to have inherited a strong desire to do exactly as they please. Sometimes, for their own good, I prevent them from doing that which they most want to do. It is called being the grown-up.

My youngest son is four, as of late he expresses his displeasure by growling. If I were to cower every time he growled, he would probably wake up one day, burn down the house before lunch, then, once homeless, spend the afternoon biting the dogs and playing in traffic. Do I incur some displeasure when meeting out necessary disciple or saying no? You bet. However, I do take comfort from the knowledge that I am probably not raising any serial killers.

I have not yet experienced the joy of teenagers, but I understand it is all pretty much the same – you do not understand, you are so out of touch, things are so different now …blah, blah, blah…. Where do they come when they need help? Where do they come when they need money? Where do they come when, due to their foolishness they have gotten their butts in a sling? The grown-ups.

On a national level, we saw the same thing after 9-11. Much of the lefty angst over the “stolen election” turned into giddy relief, when they realized that George W. Bush, not Al Gore, would be leading the country through what was surely to become a very difficult time. How soon they forgot their previously soiled knickers as soon as the new spring fashions came out.

Internationally it is the same thing, as Mr. Hanson points out. As for me, I would rather be right than popular; it worked well for the third pig.

Froggy Down

I just got off the phone with Froggy, who had his rotator cuffed this morning. He seems to be doing well, given the circumstances. He could probably use your prayers (for those so inclined) for a quick recovery, however, I don’t know that he is accepting any positive energy.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

What You Learn In School

What you learn in BUD/S (SEAL training) – On a SEAL op, the three things you need to get the upper hand: speed, surprise and violence of action.

What you learn in church (hopefully) – God is totally for you.

What you learn in lefty school – Tell a lie long enough and it will become the truth.

While checking out a few lefty blogs over the weekend I came across one explaining how if Ted Kennedy, their spiritual guru, with all of his time on the judiciary committee did not like a nominee, that nominee must be pretty darn bad. Why is this so exciting? Because this is the best they can do, and they are not even doing it very well. While the Republicans, led by Senators Frist and McConnell, are systematically putting out true and historical information, the lefties are systematically trying to duck the issue and throw out a few red herrings. Not that any of this is new, but this time I smell blood in the water.

If you have not yet done so, let your voice be heard on this issue! Go to ConfirmThem or BeyondTheNews, let’s get it done.