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Friday, December 23, 2005

OUTRAGE! Bush orders FBI/DOE to check for evidence of Nuclear Material in the US

This article in US News exposes the Bush Administration for the dictatorial and fascistic regime that 95% of Americans know it to be. Apparently after 9/11, Bushitler authorized the unwarranted use of Geiger counters near major US cities in a fruitless effort to locate evidence of “nuclear material” that they contend might be used in a terrorist attack. Clearly this is yet another instance of the oppressive “Big Brother” program of Bushitler to violate every last right given to Americans, even the right to have radioactive materials in the sanctity of their homes.

Oh, and it’s racist too! Many of the sites monitored by Bushitler’s jack-booted thugs were Mosques and the homes and businesses of people of Muslim-American descent. Just because 19 muslims hijacked a couple of planes (at least that’s what Bushitler tells us), doesn’t mean that a whole community and faith tradition must be subjected to these very intrusive and pernicious searches. Afterall, many of the searches were conducted in driveways and even Mosque parking lots! If a government agent can drive a vehicle into your driveway without a warrant, what’s next? Compulsory body cavity searches at the DMV? The systematic rape of all muslim women? Have you no decency, sir?

You want legal precedent? I’ll give you freakin’ legal precedent. Try on US v.Kyllo buddy boy. That’s the case where the government tried to use infrared sensors on a guy’s house who was growing marijuana to see if he had a bunch of high powered lamps on to enhance photosynthesis. Well, the SCOTUS ruled that cops trying to snatch some crops can’t use IR to find out if you’re growing hydroponic chronic. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Bushitler! The people have just as much right to have nuclear devices and dirty bombs in their houses as they do weed. Ever heard of the right to privacy? It’s right there in the Constitution, butthead!

So between listening to “terrorist” phone calls to parking their DOE privacy busting trucks into Mosque parking lots, we have a President who is clearly out of control, power hungry, and deserving of impeachment. Who’s with me?!

h/t HH

UPDATE: I don't know how to say this but this is an example of something called sarcasm. Please tell me that I don't write in such starkly reactionary form that you cannot tell when I am kidding. If I thought that my readers would take this post with anything but a grain of salt, I need to stop blogging.