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Monday, September 26, 2005

Awash in Liberal Racism and Exaggeration

Katrina didn’t just wash away hundreds of homes and businesses; it washed away the cheesy veneer of multiculturalism that the Left has been using to cover its own racist tendencies. The MSM aided by various victim-identity groups continue to peddle the meme that Bushitler McHalliburton intentionally withheld life saving disaster relief from the Gulf region in order to punish intransigent blacks that refused to vote GOP last time. Furthermore, they ostensibly contend that the more robust federal response to Rita is to help white Texan rednecks and rub poor black New Orleanian’s noses in it. The stories of horrific conditions of filth, murder, rape and mayhem emanating from the Superdome and the Convention Center and dutifully reported without batting an eye by MSM anchors now seems to have revealed the real racists.

Shep Smith, Anderson Cooper, Geraldo et al not to mention the Kossacks, DU, and every other vermin of the lefty web all gleefully reported the completely false stories of gangrapes, throat slitting of children, bodies stacked like cordwood, and any other tale of grisly, inhuman activities. Why? Because they really think that the poor blacks of New Orleans and elsewhere are savages, capable of unspeakable acts of gore and only one missed welfare check away from total devolution to an underclass of genocidal maniacs. As it turns out, only a handful of people died in the Superdome by natural causes, and the murder rate in New Orleans (which is admittedly too high) remained essentially flat during the week of Katrina. Stories of blacks reverting to their cannibal instincts were lapped up without even the most cursory fact checking because racist liberals already thought that blacks were intellectually and morally equivalent to the savages that inhabit their African homeland. They proved the anecdote that if you keep saying something that is untrue enough times, people will start to believe it. FEMA started believing it and ordered 25,000 body bags when maybe a thousand will be needed.

Somebody sent me the story of Tom “Gator” Seefeldt who was supposedly a former Navy SEAL from Mississippi who single handedly saved his entire town, fished 800 dead bodies out of the water and stacked them on I-90. The “Gator” is a phony SEAL and a liar, but when confronted with that fact, The Moberly Monitor who originally published this BS story refuses to retract it, but took it down from their website. Via Drudge comes the story of psychopathic dolphins loosed in the Gulf of Mexico on the prowl for surfers and swimmers. While attack dolphins certainly exist, I’m not so sure that A) they were in the region B) If stationed there they would not have been flown out or C) that if left to fend for themselves, they would still be wearing their "toxic dart guns”. Even if option C were true and the Navy had simply left 36 trained marine mammals to ride out the storm on their own (which is frankly unthinkable in my opinion), it is absurd to say that EOD trainers would have left them with their weapons system still strapped on.

Since these stories already fit nicely into the worldview and mindset of elite liberals and victim-identity hustlers, they are reported as a matter of fact without compunction or remorse. The theme that black people are incapable of acting humanely to each other under stressful conditions is not an actual news story, it is a script written long ago by patronizing liberals who sought to tame and care for these “unfortunate savages”. Treating blacks like animals in a Zoo is actually a perfect analogy to what liberal elites think of them. In a Zoo, animals are fed, housed, and protected from each other and more importantly the visitors, by benevolent zookeepers so that they can be observed and studied in an artificial habitat. Great Society anyone? With the dolphin story we have liberal elites instantly assuming that the military is not incompetent but acting out of a sinister motivation to harm or kill as many innocent people it can…and torturing poor dolphins by turning them into unwitting killers to boot!

Speaking of torture, 60 Minutes did a spot on Roy Hallums the American hostage in Iraq that you have probably never heard about. He was held in a dank basement for 10 ½ months bound and blindfolded, beaten, and threatened. Where is Ted Kennedy on the Senate floor calling for Roy’s justice? Don’t hold your breath waiting for that speech. 60 Minutes knew they had a great scoop with Mr. Hallums, but it turned out that he didn’t hate President Bush or oppose the Iraq War so at the end of the piece. Lesley asks him, “Did you receive a call from the President? Senators? Congressmen? Nobody?” The answer was no of course, but all things being equal, I’m sure old Roy is just happy that the President sent in a rescue team to find and liberate him.