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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The V-Word

"We are locked into a bogged-down problem not unsimilar, dissimilar to where we were in Vietnam." This golden nugget of wisdom comes from Vietnam veteran, Senator, and Presidential hopeful Chuck Hagel. When my daughter says, “Daddy, daddy, watch this!” I know that she is feeling a little left out with a new baby brother in the household. Which is essentially what the Republican Senator from Nebraska is doing when he goes on ABC’s “This Week with a Clinton Aide” and deals the Vietnam card. It seems Chuck Hagel thinks maybe he can ride Cindy Sheehan’s coattails for a while and snatch up some of those anti-war voters before veering back to the center of the road. I guess his staff forgot to tell him that being a Republican Vietnam veteran that likes to flirt with the left and toss softballs to the MSM didn’t work as an electoral strategy before 9/11 just like being a Democrat Vietnam veteran reliving your anti-war past didn’t work last year.

It is not difficult to tell if a person remains grounded in the realities that they learned the hard way in their youth. 20 years ago Chuck Hagel probably would have the lesson of Vietnam burned into his soul. That lesson being, of course, that the United States cannot be defeated on the battlefield, but is vulnerable only when politicians back home lose bowel and bladder control and start defecating on the mission and urinating on the public’s support for the war. But to have committed the same sin that doomed his comrades and him in decades past means he must have sold out those principles long ago. In the immortal words of Tony Montana in Scarface, Hagel is “a pig that don’t fly straight.” But a pig that should know better.

The implication in making the Vietnam analogy is that the United States should somehow follow a similar path that failed completely in Southeast Asia… pull our troops out now. Not only did we shamefully and unnecessarily lose a war, we subjected millions to torture, re-education camps, and genocide. But hey, so what, right? Those were just simple “gooks” that couldn’t come across the Pacific to do anything about it. America could hide behind its nukes and get on with the business of destroying the family, perpetuating the ghetto producing welfare state, and snorting blow. Well excuse me if I don’t jump on another Baby Boomer train to nowhere.

This time the “gooks” can and will come over here and do something about it if we hike up our national skirt and tip toe out of Iraq. There is nobody left to nuke, and I need gas for my Escalade! Kicking a$$ and hanging tough are all we have. There is no Plan B. Nothing that anyone is willing to accept at least. We had gutless crybabies back in WWII, but what media we had (Check that out) didn’t let them get too loud. Since Dr. Seuss isn’t around anymore, it’s up to us bloggers to kidney punch and nut kick these sissies into shape or at least shameful silence.

By the way Chuck, if the Kos Kidz successfully enact the Final Solution to the moderate Democrat problem, then there are only going to be two places to find votes. The Republican party or the seething pool of cowardice that remains after the moonbats are done. I don’t think they’ll like you anyway.