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Thursday, February 17, 2005


Well, what do you know? Jamadi died after he was turned over to the CIA at Abu Ghraib. According to the AP story,
“Al-Jamadi was brought [by the SEAL Platoon] naked below the waist to the prison with a CIA interrogator and translator. A green plastic bag covered his head, and plastic cuffs tightly bound his wrists. Guards dressed al-Jamadi in an orange jumpsuit, slapped on metal handcuffs and escorted him to the shower room, a common CIA interrogation spot.”
So, after the Platoon dropped off their prisoner with a CIA interrogator, his clothes were changed, his flex cuffs were removed, and metal handcuffs were applied. In earlier testimony at the article 32 hearing,
“A terror suspect captured by Navy SEALs in Iraq was able to walk on his own and was resisting his captors when the CIA took custody of him, according to a Navy officer who said he was the last SEAL to see the prisoner alive.”
This account provided by a veteran SEAL officer and the accounts given by Army guards at Abu Ghraib are not in conflict and seem to exonerate the members of the Platoon who have been charged with assaulting Jamadi. This case against the Platoon members was initiated by a former Teammate who had been dismissed from the Platoon for stealing another man’s body armor. This thief remains the main witness for the Navy JAG prosecutor, and his account of events has been refuted by multiple sources all of which are deserving of more credence. This NCIS/JAG face saving charade needs to stop right now! Everybody wants to be a Team Guy, but nobody wants to put in the effort. This case is based on little more than professional jealousy and an inferiority complex. Get over it!


The other item of interest with respect to this AP story is the headline, “Iraqi Died While Hung From Wrists.” This misleading, attention grabbing lie is intended to mischaracterize the manner in which Jamadi died. When I read that headline, I immediately conjured up images of the Hanoi Hilton where US POWs were actually suspended in the air by ropes tied to their wrists behind their backs. Of course, this wasn’t done after a spot of tea either; it was done after the a$$ whipping of a lifetime. The AP writer, Seth Hettena who has been covering the SEAL’s legal travails, goes on to describe the actual meaning of “hung from wrists” at the end of the article...
“There, the interrogator instructed guards to attach shackles from the prisoner's handcuffs to a barred window. That would let al-Jamadi stand without pain, but if he tried to lower himself, his arms would be stretched above and behind him. The documents do not make clear what happened after guards left. After about a half-hour, the interrogator called for the guards to reposition the prisoner, who was slouching with his arms stretched behind him.”
I’ll bet the documents do not make clear what happened after guards left. Whatever it was, it was not done by members of the Platoon. Incidentally, handcuffing someone to a window while standing hardly constitutes hanging!

I guess the blogosphere is going to have to keep hammering these clowns until they get the message that we will not allow our troops to be slandered, maligned, and disrespected while they are in the act of defending our lives at great personal risk!