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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

DC Moonbat Update

As you might imagine, I have spies. Spies everywhere that keep Froggy up to speed on all manner of world and domestic developments. Who are these spies? You. The Chief of Froggy's DC Bureau has sent in an interesting report on the piss poor state of affairs that lefty moonbats find themselves in. Many blogs have reported that every day a group of pathetic losers pickets the metro station at the Pentagon calling our troops baby killers and encouraging them to disobey their orders from Bushitler to murder innocent Iraqis. Well, it seems that act has worn too thin for even this hard core band of miscreants to continue since the elections in Iraq were such a resounding success. Of course our troops aren't lucky enough to be rid of this patchouli stinking hippy scourge, but they have at least swapped out their baby killer signs and are taking a trip down moonbat memory lane. The "new" campaign is against the School of the Americas. Remember that? Yeah, that was where we "trained the right wing death squads" that operated in El Sal, Nicaragua, and Honduras. So I guess it feels like the '80s again over at the Pentagon metro. I can almost hear the Flock of Seagulls.